We are a leading group that operates in recycling, producing and exporting processed ferrous, non-ferrous metals and plastics


Shail is one of the leading establishments in Qatar active in supplying and exporting processed ferrous and non-ferrous metals products  and industrial final products, the company has a solid business base and extensive market reach with strong logistic support and modern export facilities in several locations around the region.


Shail holding group commit ourselves to always offer you the best, and we will work hard to reach to the highest levels of collaboration for our clients satisfaction in accordance to the name of our beloved country Qatar.

We always aim to be permanent friends of the environment and we work to protect and preserve the environment for the sake of future generations through the establishment of factories that operate with the latest environmentally friendly technologies and an operational management that continuously monitors the environmental performance of each facility and always strives for advanced methods for that.
We always strive to develop our skills in the metal and plastic industry to reach the highest levels of sophistication and quality in the Arab and Western world, our goal in that is to satisfy God and customers.

Suhail Holding Group is proud to be one of the leading groups in the State of Qatar in the production and export of non-ferrous and plastic minerals and their processing, by expanding its scope with the presence of a network of companies affiliated with the group specialized in recycling. The Suhail Holding Group owns more than 10 advanced companies operating across 10 locations in Qatar, the United Kingdom, China, South Korea and Ethiopia. The Suhail Holding Group has provided everything necessary for the production of high specifications and quality through its factories equipped with the latest and most advanced machines and companies with advanced systems, scientific skills, and global networks to provide extensive logistical services and systematic and safe export to major European and international markets according to its standards with continuous search for additional sources of resources In promising areas with the aim of providing a finished product of high quality and specifications and winning the satisfaction of our customers in the first place

The State of Qatar has succeeded in consolidating its leading position as one of the strongest, diversified and competitive economies in the region, according to the approach drawn by His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of the country, “may God protect him”, to achieve the Qatar National Vision 2030 aimed at transforming the State of Qatar into An advanced country capable of achieving sustainable development and ensuring the continuation of a decent life for its people, generation after generation. Where the State of Qatar worked to balance its strategies and plans aimed at achieving comprehensive development by establishing complementary policies that strengthened the contribution of non-oil sectors to the gross domestic product and paid sufficient attention to the oil sectors as an important source of national income by investing its resources and directing them to support all economic sectors, especially trade sectors And national industries to become an active partner in the process of achieving the goals of the National Development Strategy of the State of Qatar. From this standpoint, the Suhail Holding Group, which is the first of its kind in the country, places its top priority on meeting the country’s needs through the modern and advanced industries it provides and building a strong production base that contributes to the economic growth of the State of Qatar.


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  • Japan
  • Indonesia
  • KSA
  • Spain
  • India
  • Pakistan
  • UAE
  • Thailand
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World Day for Safety and Health 2020

The second edition of ‘Qatar Achievements on Vocational Safety’ highlights the rapid strides taken by Qatar towards achieving modernity and gives an account of the massive development accomplished by the country in a short period of time. It also emphasizes the State of Qatar’s keenness to provide affordable housing for labourers; respecting and guaranteeing their fundamental rights; making them presentable; and supporting them with adequate compensation when they are unable to work.


Rowad Qatar 2019

Qatar Development Bank (QDB) yesterday announced winners of the second edition of Qatar Entrepreneurship Award ‘Rowad Award 2019’.

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